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Folk MixTape Vol. 1

by Tim McBride

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Folk Mixtape Vol1 is a collection of select home recordings from 2012-2014 all songs written by Tim McBride.


released March 18, 2014

Matt Alexander plays drums on track 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 12, 13
and Andy McMaster plays bass and/or lap steel playing on 2,3,5,6,7,13
all other instruments by T.M.


all rights reserved



Tim McBride Seattle, Washington

NW Power Pop RootsPunkBlues...somewhere between early Stiff Records artists (e.g. Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello) and good old American rock and roll (e.g. The Blasters and Tom Petty).

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Track Name: Give it All You've Got
Give it All You've Got
Are you ever gonna feel like you belong
Singing sour notes through the sweetest song
Afraid someone's shining a spotlight on
All you dreamt you were due in the dark
Are you ever gonna let the sweet breeze in
The windows you closed unbolted again
Let your uneasy feelings float off in the wind
And realize that you've come so far
The day is here, the time is now
You gotta find a little light through the fog somehow
Pick your battles, choose your spots
You only got one life to live , give it all you've got
Your 800 miles away again
From something resembling settling in
With your frenzied mind and too few friends
You lie that you like it that way
Will You ever be good enough for yourself
Instead of wrapped up with trying to please everyone else
All the while chipping away at your chance , your heart and your health
Dreaming it will be different someday
When you're feeling mean and in-between
Last years model and an empty bottle
Starting over don't come with a guarantee
But sitting still when you know it's over
Is sad cant you see you're just one step closer
To settling for something less
Than what your life could be
Track Name: Only The Pines Really Know
Only the pines really know

We buried the body of our only baby
in the backyard of my brothers house
And we struggled for words
as we shoveled the dirt
Into the hole we would never be without
And when the dark wind came calling
Up from the South
We tried in vain to say a prayer in our name
But empty stayed our mouths
Only the pines really know
How it all went so wrong
And how we'll ever let go
To the dream of a dawn
When we wake without woe
Only the pines really know
We folded the farm ,
Frozen fields still fruitless
Left to linger in their longing under withholding suns
We ran into harm heads high with smiles toothless
Our bites nothing more than bulletless guns
And when the time tumbled toward us ,
To atone for what we'd done
We shackled our legs to the truth and the trust
That from our troubles we'd no longer run
Only the pines really know
How we were running so fast and living so low
With our hearts in the past and our loves out on loan
Only the pines really know
The good times go so fast
And the pain can pass slow
It all rolls upon
the winds that we cannot control
Only the pines really know
How it all when so wrong
And how well ever let go
Of the dream of a dawn when we wake without woe
Only the pines really know
Track Name: You Don't Have To Be Alone
You Don’t Have to Be Alone
If the winter wind has blown away your smile
And you haven’t held anyone close for awhile
If a box of dusty memories don’t feel like home
Just know that you don’t have to be alone
If the empty night , calls out your name
Like a lover from the top of a hill who’d been standing in the rain
If it makes you sad to face this cruel world on your own
Just know that you don’t have to be alone
I wanna be the light, shining through your darkest night
You and I have both been so lonesome with that emptiness inside
When you’re feeling far away, living low and scared
Roll a little further down the line,
and I’ll be waiting there in the unknown
You don’t have to be alone.
If the graveyard clouds, keep pushing you back to bed
Instead of living outside you are living in dream instead
You keep trying to find a little gold, but you keep coming up with stones
Just know that you don’t have to be alone
If this part of the lesson, aint what you had in mind
You keep telling yourself you tried and it was not a waste of time
A spark can re-light a fire as bright as it ever shone
Just know that you don’t have to be alone
Track Name: Troubled Times and Skylines
Troubled Times and Skylines
You put a Chevrolet onto a highway
lit with love and never looked back
The cylinders pounding as hard as your heart
as the sky dropped a curtain of black
And when the romantic hopes and the inside jokes
all turned to lo-fi breakup songs
You tried to hold your head high
and pretend you were right
when everything was clearly going wrong
And you were fueled on despair
dying more than your jet black hair
Now you’re northbound with the pedal down
Diving into trouble in dried up town
good times gone and darkness coming around
Goodbye Eastbay bloodlines, hello Northwest nights
You never felt so lost and lonesome,
run over by the rolling dice
You wanted so bad to know real love
and understand what it could mean
That you threw yourself head over heels
onto the gears of it’s machine
And when mercy finally hit a kill switch
there was not much left to save
Just a couple of damaged kids who managed
to somehow turn out okay
And you were fueled on despair
dying more than your jet black hair
Westbound with the pedal down
diving into trouble in a dried up town
Good times gone and darkness coming around
Goodbye Steel City Skyline
Hello Northwest Nights
You never felt so lost and lonesome
Run over by the rolling dice
Seven years down turned eleven years now
Your dreams of love never died
Cast off the crown of the bad end of town
And soberly swallowed your pride
Awoke to the sound of the old friend you found
A voice you let troubled times hide
With no walls around you dug your heart from the ground
And you were open to the ride
Goodbye , Lonely Nights under grey skies
No more living like you’re just waiting to die
You’ve been feeling broken
so long you can’t remember
The last time you laid your love out on the line
Goodbye Lonely Nights and grey skies
Hello love of your life.
Track Name: Aug 19
Aug 19th
It takes a long time to make fine wine and it can take a lifetime,
To find a love like yours.
I want to thank the, golden angels from the great cosmic unknown
For not making me wait , longer than my lifeline
To introduce me to one of their own.
And I could tell you how much I love you, but I heard words don’t count for much
So I hope I show you, every chance that I get to , how much it means to
Just have the chance to
And if you let my love over your border, that love will travel
With us through this dance.
So take my arm, I will be there if we fall into harm
Hold the heart, that’s been yours for years under your charms
When the light of morning, lays down upon us
With it’s gentle , waking breath
I feel the blessing of the fit-right feeling that had been missing
For so long, and the gift of knowing
Another day of your loving cause you and I got something, that just can’t go wrong.
Track Name: Diamond Mine
Diamond Mine
I was digging a real deep hole for quite some time it’s true
I thought I might make it down to the center of the earth
because I give my best shot to everything that I do
And just when I was ready for the great collapse
Seal me in I did declare, I found I diamond in the darkest mine
And now I’m coming up for air
I found a diamond in the darkest mine
And if I can make it to the surface on time
I will live for every moment she shines
That little diamond of mine
Digging a hole with my two hands A little deeper every day
The lower that I let myself slip down
The little light I had left seemed to slip away
And with no light left and just half a breath
I sat waiting on closing time
But now I’m scrambling to make it back to the surface again
Because I found a little something that shines
I found a diamond in the darkest mine
And if I can make it to the surface on time
I will live for every moment she shines
That little diamond of mine
How many lonesome nights will you spend
Your breakdown just around the bend
How many loathsome nights will you spend
Dancing on the edge of an accident
If you’re down in dark old mine and you can’t see no light anywhere
Reach out with your heart not your eyes or arms to see your way out of there
Go ahead and shine a little light of your own
You might bounce it off a precious stone
And that stone might go and bounce it back bright
And turn your dark little world into a whole new life
Track Name: Forgotten Highways
Forgotten Highways
The remains of a love that withered and died lying silently side by side
The days grow around them collecting the time
Two old cars with worn parts we can’t seem to find
Too locked down for leaving too stable to fall
Just waiting for the weather (whether) or not you’ll notice at all
Dig us out of this patch we’ve grown into
I don’t want to stay here for the rest of my days
Shake off the rust and let’s rebuild our engines
And go find ourselves on forgotten highways
When all of the paths have become familiar
And all of the laughter is saddled with sighs
A left turn can help you find what you’re after
Before you stall and get buried by the wild berry vines
Dig us out of this patch we’ve grown into
I don’t want to stay here for the rest of my days
Shake off the rust and let’s rebuild our engines
And go find ourselves on forgotten highways
Don’t forget what you are even when you get tired
And you’re feeling the burden of all of the miles
You carried the weight of our love within you
And we depended upon you like a helpless child
Track Name: Lewis County Line
Lewis County Line
Well the money ran out Wednesday
after parting with and parting out all that I could stand
and the little dream that kept me going
through the hungry times imploded with the band
and now the engine won’t turn over in
this hand –me-down seven five Chevrolet
and if I could catch a break it could start to turn my rotten luck around
and in my heart I hope I do someday
Broken down on the Lewis County Line
Out of love and still owing money
To an ex good friend of mine
There’s no American dream
just this troubled sleep but we're doing fine
Trying to gain some ground
down on the Lewis County Line
It’s been seven months,
twenty days and six hours six I’ve seen
A job as steady as the rain
that’s been laying it’s heavy hands down upon me
And all of the whispered moments
that we built on soft eyes and harder drinks
Dried up like the wishing wells
we threw our fears in hoping they would sink
Broken down on the Lewis County Line
Out of love and still owing money
To an ex good friend of mine
There’s no American dream just this troubled sleep
but we're doing fine
tryin to gain some ground
down on the Lewis County Line
I used to look into your wild grey eyes
for a little hope during the uncertain times
We leaned upon each other
when the wind blew us from side to side
But lately I’ve been falling down
since the night you said goodbye
Broken down on the Lewis County Line
Out of love and still owing money
To an ex good friend of mine
There’s no American dream just this troubled sleep but we’re doing fine
Trying to gain some ground
down on the Lewis County Line
Track Name: Devil's Left Hand
Devil’s Left Hand
Incoming message, like a flat bike tire on a rim still spinning.
It’ll get there, doing more damage than it would just sitting
The truth hurts, the truth in spurts
Is the devils left hand and the liar’s curse .
If you want blood you’ve got it, if you want sweat, come and get it,
If you want tears, I’m on it, if you want truth you will regret it.
Why pry, a stuck jar lid with a knife pointed towards you
What’s inside might be rotten and it just cant be good for you
Little lies, that we tell all the time, little lies that we tell to survive
Little lies, I can’t look you in the eyes, little lies…we’re exploding inside.
Track Name: Hold The Hollowness (The Weekend Song)
Hold The Hollowness (The Weekend Song)
You’ve been waiting all week
for some sweet relief but she never comes
You’re down at the bar trying to feed your heart ,
but you’re starving on the stale crumbs
One eye on your drink and one on the door,
you’re always half a mile away
And there’s a loneliness that darkens the linings
of the smiles that you fake
And there’s no comfort in an empty bottle, or in a last caress
There’s an ending that you can’t swallow,
you can’t hold the hollowness
So you shave your face with a shaky hand
and try to make it through another day
You don’t make too much eye contact
with the people who come your way
When the daytime fades into fiery skies
that turn to night the light that burns you
You think you might give it all one more try
for what you never loved couldn’t hurt you.
So it’s one more empty bottle, one more last caress,
there’s an ending that you can’t swallow,
You can’t hold the hollowness.
This aint a nightmare, this is your life, will you wake up screaming
Just cursing your shadow, for one more night
trying to stumble into feeling.
Track Name: Better Days
Better Days
I get up at six forty five, to catch the bus downtown
To be at work at eight and it takes the long way around.
Out of the heart of the city, on the blacktop veins
Past where the hollowed bodies of better days remain
Better days when, these buildings were alive
In better days when the whistle wailed at five
In better days, we never thought we’d ever have to say,
Those sure were better days.
I remember the night that you and I
went walking to the building’s door
And the weight of the vacant promises
shook us to the core
I put my arm around you
as the cold wind spoke
and we dreamt of raising a family here now
in a life we would never know
Dad was a union man like his dad was before
But I limp off the bus to what’s left for us
at the dollar down discount store
A nickel over minimum wage,
with the hours never guaranteed
A toothless desperate smile will tell you
that the work’s done overseas
And it leaves, folks like me and you longing for these
Better days when these buildings were alive with the sound of building something better
On which we could rely
In better days we never thought we’d ever have to say, those sure were better days.
Track Name: No Trace Of You
No Trace of You
I’ve been waiting a real long time
To show you the man that I am
Let’s let the empty years
Just fall behind us
And the love spill out over the damned
An easy nature can make lovers lazy
When the nervous feeling fade like the setting sun
That lights the sky on fire with beauty
Before it goes hiding from everyone
Distant eyes you were then seeking
They held you lonely in numb embrace
In tongues of hunger you've been speaking
And of you there was no trace
I could be your one and only
If only I could be the one
To show you the good time that you've been missing
Let me kiss all that you've become
Worried hearts of hasty lovers
Never born to be of ease
Grow into some roots that hold us
Steady through the chilling breeze
Track Name: Learning To Let It Go
Learning To Let it Go
You’ve been trying so hard to hold on
To a moment in time that’s long since gone
With your collection of souvenirs
Soaked with the reminders of all the spilled years
Worn like a weight around your neck
And you just won’t let it down you just can’t forget
You’ve been living like a old photograph
You remain unchanged but you show your age
Through the rough edges and cracks
Just stuck up on that yellow wall
Watching the world pass you by coming unglued every fall
Until someone kindly comes and tears you down
And you begin to live again in the new life you’ve found
You’ve been learning to let it go
You can’t move forward looking backward very far I suppose
You’ve been learning to let it go
You can’t hold on to all that’s gone any more than the melting snow
Track Name: The 39th Hour (Second Time Around)
39th Hour (Second Time Around)
I was dreaming of you in the 39th hour
and now it’s almost closing time
I grabbed my back with the extra shirt,
stop for coffee and a bottle of wine
It’s fourteen miles of country road,
racing against the sun
We found our own little world away
from all we were running from
And darling don’t it feel different
living to the limit, the second time around
Life is a well we’re diving in it,
Learning to love again the second time around
Hanging on every little minute,
Forty eight hours of the second time around
An honest try we’re going to give it ,
and cover some ground on the second time around
A red sundress and a back porch breeze
nervous hope among the pines
A sunset to blanket the regrets
it’s the color of new love and lost time
I carried a pocketful of pouring rain ,
until I felt the love in your eyes
A bag of beer and a bad idea
can cut a heart down in it’s prime
There’s no stop signs, there’s no neon lights
Just a brilliant backdrop to a quiet country night
There’s no reminders of the tired empty life
That we knew all too well before we left it all behind
Track Name: The Absence of Your Smile
The Absence of Your Smile
For every sweet melody that we will never make
For all the rides under these clear skies that we will never take
For the light you brought to these dark eyes, for heaven’s sake
My friend, you’ve been on my mind
And the days they are darker in the absence of your smile
And our nights will have to get by,
With one less of the good guys, thank you for the love
You shared with us for awhile
You’re always in our hearts, though you had to say goodbye.
For the hopes and the dreams that you shared with the world
A song can be as strong as the angry ocean’s curl,
Let the flag that you ran up the pole, forever fly unfurled
You were a pearl, and you were taken before your time

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